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As a young boy, I spent many hours walking the fields and along the banks of Long Creek in Virginia Beach looking for Indian artifacts from the Chesepian tribe, including arrowheads, hammer stones, ax blades and pottery fragments. The Chesepians were completely wiped out by the Powhatan tribe. In 1973, I found a Chesepian pottery bowl in the sand along the banks of the creek that was about 95% complete that I pieced together from many fragments.

Many of these sites are now gone because of development, never to be walked over again, artifacts uncovered where they once fell and later discovered. Looking back on it, those days were the best, walking and wondering what you might find. My taste in collecting grew over the years, including civil war relics, black mallet and onion bottles, sharks teeth, fossils and feather edge stoneware.

During all my years of collecting, I have really enjoyed acquiring civil war relics. It is pretty cool to hold a civil war relic in your hand and know that it was used during the war, lost, only to be found 140 years later by a digger. Like most collectors, I focused on one thing, primarily artillery shells. Before long, I added to my collection like buttons, plates, muskets, carbines, swords, letters, images and dug weapons.
As a rule of thumb, remember to buy high end quality items, whatever it is you are collecting. Civil War items maintain their monetary value and increase in price over time. What a better way to collect, have fun and at the same time invest your money wisely especially in today's market.

To place an order, you can reach me by email at hamptonroadsrelics@gmail.com or call me on my cell at 757.675.5667. Please make payment to Brian Lown and mail to PO Box 6885, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456.
Please note that I practice law with a firm in Norfolk, Virginia, so there will be occasions that I am traveling out of state for work. I check my calls and emails daily so there will be no problem reaching me and I return calls the same day.