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Consignment Information

If you decide that you want to consign some of your pieces, please feel free to contact me at hamptonroadsrelics@gmail.com. I will be happy to discuss the arrangements with you.
Below, are the terms and conditions:

I will assist you in arriving at a sale price, if you like. Please keep in mind that if your item does not sell right away you can always lower the asking price.
  • I sell only original and authentic pieces that date to the Civil War or before. Any Confederate buckle should have a letter of authenticity that accompany the piece. Unfortunately, there are too many fake Confederate buckles on the market and you have to know what you are buying and selling. Any Civil War item that is purported to have some sort of personal connection to an identified soldier should have with it all the supporting documentation so there is no issue or dispute in the representation and sale of the piece. Otherwise, the asking price is for the item only and not the added hearsay statements.
  • If your item turns out to be a reproduction or a fake piece, then you must make it right with the buyer and refund the entire sale price.
  • My fee for listing and selling your item is 20% of the sale price, if it sells at or under $1,000.00.

    My fee for listing and selling your your item is 15% of the sale price, if it sells over $1,000.00.
  • If the item does not sell or you decide that you want it returned, then you will be responsible for the shipping charges, including full insurance.
  • You must agree to the 5 day return and refund policy fully stated under "Terms and Conditions."